What are you doing in the holidays?

We would love to hear what you are getting up to in the holidays. Are you going away in a caravan or on an aeroplane?
Are you visiting family?
Are you going to the zoo or swimming or something different?
Please leave us a comment with your holiday news…………………
We will also keep you updated with the changes to the nursery, including photos of the new floor and carpets areas!
Happy Holidays to all our F1 families!!


Look at the changes to the bread!


Errrrr……….look what has happened to our bread!

We have discovered that over time bread is not very nice to eat. The colour, smell and appearance of the bread has changed. It has now changed from white to green and black and has hairs growing on it.

Would you like to eat it now?

Monster Mayhem!


Eeeeek there’s a monster under my bed…

Imagine there was a monster hiding under the bed, what would it be like? How would it look? How would it sound? Tell us all about it…(don’t worry it’s a friendly one)



Chatter Matters – Let’s go on a space adventure……what will you see?

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Harrison – ‘I am going to the moon. It is big and white. It’s dark in space and I can see stars and planets. I have just seen an orange alien and he was very friendly and his name is Goofy’.

Megan – ‘I will see a monster in a cave. He locks us in with his lock and key behind my back. The alien beams me up in its spaceship and takes me to a new home’.

Abby – ‘I am going to land on the moon in my spaceship. I will see daddy and mummy and they can come in the spaceship too………and the alien!’

Henri – ‘If I went into space I would see lots of aliens. They would look funny and be black and yellow. They would have 3 eyes. I would also see stars’.

Daisy – ‘Flying in a rocket and landing in space on a rock, a big rock. The first thing I would see is a minion. I would see lots of stars in the sky’.

Sophie – ‘I would land in a cave with a ghost and a teddy inside’.

Ruby – ‘I will use my telescope, it will be very cold. It will be a great adventure. Lots of aliens and a big monster in the dark’.

Oscar – ‘I will see an alien…..he has big ears, 4 eyes, a big tummy and a big smiley face, he will be blue. He will say “Blaaaaaaaaaa!”





Andy and Lewis Entertainer!

Lots of families turned up to see the Andy and Lewis show. There was lots of noise, laughter and cheering coming from the school hall!

What did you think to the show?

What event shall we hold at school next time?

We need more volunteers to join our PTA Parent Talk…If you are a friend, family member or parent and interested in getting involved pop along for a cuppa and chat next time we get together.